viernes, 20 de agosto de 2010

Live, Frikstailers dress themselves up in tropical muppet drag—they cap their heads with multicolored wigs and bug-eyed glasses as if to under-emphasize their skillful noodling on keyboards, racks and drum machines. But whether it’s an entertaining distraction or they’re just incredibly fond of blacklight, everything the duo does is psychedelic multicolor madness—even a performance on Argentinian television is juiced up by trippy cartoons and banana-skirted honeys—and their ZZK mixtape is a perfect intro to their steez, all outre cumbia circuit-bent through neon dance tunes that interpret the most electric side of South America. Whether they’re cumbia-izing synthy tracks like “Hold the Line” or technofying their own take on traditional Buenos Aires rhythms, clearly these are two dudes who know well the hypnotic effects of a pulsing strobe. They’re playing some dates in the States soon, tracklist and tour stops after the jump.

Download: Frikstailers ZZK Mixtape Vol. 10 (Click here)

01- Intro – Frikstailers

02- Sudaka Invasor vs. Soy Raka – Frikstailers vs. Los Rakas

03- Cumbianchamuyo – Frikstailers 04- Para mi – Fauna (Frikstailers Remix)

05- Dancehallete – Frikstailers 06- Dun Dun – Los Rakas (Frikstailers Remix)

07- Hold the Line – Major Lazer (Frikstailers Remix) 08- Fuego – Bomba Estereo (Frikstailers Remix)

09- Kalise – El Guincho (Frikstailers Remix)

10- Knippelsuppe – Copyfokking (Frikstailers Remix)

11- Saudage da Ex – Frikstailers feat. MC Maiquinho

12- Cumbia Kamisama – Frikstailers

13- Latinectro – Frikstailers

Tour Dates Saturday, 25 September 2010 SmartBar, Chicago IL (afterparty for 2010 Chicago World Music Festival)

Saturday, 2 October 2010 VIA Festival, Iron City Brewery, Pittsburgh, PA

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