viernes, 18 de mayo de 2007

Frikstailers en ExperimentaClub 07 (Madrid)

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This year is an awsome year for us, we are playing quite a lot in Cordoba and in Buenos Aires, and the greatest thing is that we are playing also in Spain this year. ExperimentaClub Festival is for us the best experimental music festival in spain, so we are very proud to be invited to play there this year. We will be also releasing our first EP in the netlabel of the festival.
ExperimentaClub Festival takes place in "La Casa Encencida" (Madrid). We will be playing the 5th of October at 21:15hs in the "D" space of the place.
We hope every friend around to come, it will be marvelous to see you dancing with us.
The Artists that will be playing at the festival are: james chance & les contorsions , merzbow, liars, venetian snares, radian, manyfingers, o.lamm, hypo & EDH, satanicpornocultshop, zort, frikstailers, crossbred, cosmic shenggy,10, los caballos de düsseldorf, jorge castro aka fisternni, cooptrol,faktor bossar, xabier erkizia, ILIOS, baseline, cuisine concrète,dj vallellano / eureka, andrés oddone, jorge haro, césar estabiel,dj hidráulico + javier díez, vjbastian.

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