viernes, 13 de julio de 2007

New tunes in our Myspace Player

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Hey friends!!!! check it out!
Our Myspace player has new tunes. "Baile Frik" is our way of making a funky carioca dancefloor track and "Sudaka Invasor" is some powerfull Dancehall-Cumbia track. We are shure you'll enjoy them.

5 comentarios:

sadja dijo...

ola frikis! no se bajen de los SLICES!!!
saludos desde alberdi!!!

ripley dijo...

I like them!

one reminds me a little of some kuduro sounds.

nice work! mp3s welcome!

peace from Jamaica..

Mauro dijo...
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Mauro dijo...

Great music!
Congrats from Argentina!.

You could be in here->

sadja dijo...

agregandu a sadja pourfavor (aka Ludmila) mercy